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Majestic adheres to the business philosophy of “technology is the root, innovation is the soul, and talent is the foundation”. Talents are always the foundation of the enterprise, the basis of competition and the foundation of development. The company has formed a good corporate culture of respectful, fair competition, respect for knowledge and talent. With its unique talent recruitment strategy, broad career development space, excellent talent growth environment, effective incentive mechanism and humanistic corporate culture, Xiongwei has become a highland for talent gathering.

The first is to create a good platform and development space for talents - to stay in business;

The second is to implement the distribution policies of various SARs within the scope of enterprises - to treat people in the treatment;

The third is to create an excellent cultural atmosphere, and constantly strengthen the affinity and cohesiveness within the enterprise - to stay in culture.

These three "retaining people" are the core positioning of the enterprise human resources management work.

With regard to the selection and use of talents, we must adhere to fairness, justice and openness, and establish a scientific human resources management system so that every capable and ambitious person can exert his or her own abilities in building a majestic undertaking and realize his ambition. .

Talent is a resource of greatness. The majestic spit and rivers, the essence of the collection. Whether it is a doctor, a master or a manager, or a battle in the production, sales, scientific research, service front line, with their hard-working hands, to play their talents, not to break the creation of ordinary workers, managers, marketing personnel, general scientific research workers, They are also majestic and indispensable talents.

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